Week 4

Making Do: Innovation in Kenya's Informal Economy, Steve Daniels,  this is an interesting insight into the making culture of Kenya, it is not set down as a western power which can be frustrating but as a great insight document.

The Power of Making, Edited by Daniel Charny. This has a great interview with Bruce sterling and to be honest a great reading list in the back of the publication.

Hackspaces, the beginning, Bie Prett. One of the founders of Maker bot tracks the history of Hacking and hacking spaces, interesting and good for leads around the globe.

Home made, by giving everyone the means of production, personal fabrication systems could usher in a new age of customisation, Hod Lipson. Interesting links to further reading and the introduction of printable electronics as a concept.

I went to the TCT then annual conference on additive manufacture, there was the usual mix. Many machines that do the same thing, but here are some of the best companies:
- Object who are making a two additive printing machine so they are able to have a dual shot mould affect.
- Spaceclaim who are doing really interesting things in direct CAD, they were part of a research group  attached to SolidWorks.
- Metalise it, a company that is able to add a thickness of metal to your RP components.
- Hewlett Packard, one of the first home friendly rapid prototyping machines at £11,000.
- ZCorporation launching a new material that is ‘ABS-like’ their quote..
- A1technologies are also doing some interesting things with haptic modelling that is user friendly.

- Planning a design probe in exploring making.

Mainly contacting people for future interviews… with a quick chat to Hewlett Packard about the future of making at home or in local societies.


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