Week 2

So there has been much reading in the area of ‘Open Design’ there is a wealth of information out there is also allot of conflict surrounding IP. This seems to be a driving force but also software developers like digital forming  are developing software approaches so that users can tailor big brands products through adaption and development  but not harming  the brand… we will see how well this works?

British Film Institute
I found an interesting piece of film at the BFI, made in 1928 ‘Hints and hobbies’ a series of education silent films that were teaching various skills from make do and mend but more interestingly, how to make a wireless radio… one of the first active open source documentations that I have found.

Power of Making
The Victoria and Albert museum is housing the ‘power of making’ curated by Daniel Charny as guest curator. Well worth a visit there is much on craft, creation and emerging digital application.

‘Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world. What and how we make defines who we are, and communicates who we want to be’. Daniel Charny

The most interesting projects were:
- the open source surfboard, a simple kit form but still relies on some basic skill of a maker.
playkide.com an interesting concept using 3d printing of toys.
Kathryn Hintons digital hammer, a tool creating handmade finishes into a digital form.

There were many other features with eggbot, makerbot and other emerging tech including things from berg.
A quick interview with Martin Stevens A1 Technologies on the future of technologies, but also the chance to try out their interesting haptics modelling in the future.


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