Week 3

I met up with lead design researcher to start to discuss what is a maker? this is probably at the heart of what I am looking at. Also people fall into different camps within this field (at the moment):

1. Maker for need, ie something has broken or they can fabricate it cheaper.
2. Maker for status, someone is producing to gain status on the web or social sector.
3. Maker for learning, making things to optimise skill.

These are all interesting and something that I need to think about within the probe that I will be creating for research.
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Reading (best bits)
1. The institute for the future, very interesting ideals and interview with Bruce Sterling.
2. The waag society has some really interesting tools and thoughts
3. Platform 21, these guys have it going on and well worth looking at for their manifestos and points of view.
4. Openp2pdesign.org an interesting toolkit for open source design
5. The writings of William Gibson (sci-fi) fiction writer are interesting, he is quoted as, predicting the Internet.
6. Creative industries convention in Syria.
7. A yearly conference called PICNIC that looks really interesting combining science, design and business.
8. Vivek Subramanian, Berkley, who is researching organic electronics.
There is more but those are the choicest cuts.

Went to a design workshop with Seymour Powell for design week on co-design, very interesting the main reinforcement was the use of rules in design workshops that worked well. There was an interesting exhibition at the Fumi gallery with max lamb looking at Artisan making.


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