Self-Creation (area of interest PhD)

I am interested in the way user’s orientate themselves within different groups, but also how they want to be perceived in different areas, ie digitally, physically, how they engage within their groups and externally.

How these relationships are developed within various communities and if they cross over to other groups to provide influence, insight and development.

This term often needs exploring as abstraction is interesting but cannot be random, I am interested in the insights offered by looking at extreme user groups and more open paths.

This is not the driving force of the research, I am open to developments but more interested in how people are using it. The Rep-rap is interesting not from the machine itself but the community that updates the files to create the best solution, working as a community.

Self-creation...even if hideous?
Open design is interesting, this will be one of the main engagements, how is it used? IP implications? The future of design and designers? But most of all how people are engaging with it and the motivations for producing. Hacking is an area of immense interest mainly due to the open nature of it.

Providing the tools
Exploring any workshop of any maker professional, hobbyist or new user is interesting. The surroundings always fit around the user’s need for the task in hand.

User base
Lastly the most important area, diverse user groups that offer more interesting territories to explore. These are being explored openly possibly globally.


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