Graphical Inspiration

Simple clear graphical communication and layout

The simple communication of information, products and detail often needs refreshing. It is hard to adopt a graphical style within portfolios, boards or graphic material so it is important to continuously look for graphic inspiration. The following is a list of graphical references, some free some purchased that I use to top up.

1. (free browse)
a really great place to have a look at topical design and graphical references.
2. (£ 45.00 for a year, £5 an issue)
This has great layout, fantastic details of products and combines so many different type faces.
3. (free browse)
Waitrose produce a newspaper style giveaway that is usually well put together.
4. (Shop)
a great shop near brick lane that predominantly produces and distributes custom art books, made by multi-talented local and international makers.
5.  (books for sale)
The best of brochure design, Rockport. There are many volumes of this book, but they all give an outlook and overview of inspiration.
6. (donations)
a donation to download source of typefaces, make sure that you donate to the designer.
7. (free online)
Look at the communication of comics, they tell very interesting stories and usually communicate well.
8. (free online/moving image)
Ideo do communication so, so well. Have a look at their films; they often use great simple techniques to communicate an amazing concept.
9. (free online)
Everything about typefaces, a fantastic resource.
10. (free online)
amazing illustrations.
11. (free online)
a great source for vectors and details.
12. (book for sale)
Great source book for layout and detail for £15… ish

I am sure that there are many more… but these are a great start.


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