Week 16


 Home brew Industrial
Revolution A 
Manifesto KEVIN
This is a very interesting text, it highlights the need for this great technology to be in the hand of users, that we need to consult the push of objects and the need of them. This is a heavy piece of text but very critical, this is right at the top of my list for recommendations.
The mass amateurisation of (nearly) everything... Tom Coates. highlighting the close from the amateur and the professional, this is a very interesting area as it is something that is changing, the gap is evolving and with technology people are able to create, manufacture different things with capabilities. But is the thinking more important....

Labcraft CraftsCouncil, digital adventures in contemporary craft. an interesting link to allot of makers and makers that are using digital technologies to inform, develop and create their process with stunning outcomes. worth a look, a good simple publication for the layman to.
From configuration to design: capturing the intent of User-Designers, M Sinclair. some really interesting insights into this self manufacture, self creation, User-designer. Is a series of toolkits that informs any user to make the way forward.... not sure but very interesting.

The experience of evolution: developments in design practice, JF Suri going over the practise of Ideo, how they changed the creation and implementation of design process.
The potential for the bespoke industrial designer, RI Campbell This is an interesting trend, there are great developments in what people are looking at, the idea of a bespoke designer for the cost of meeting production is very interesting... how will it tip the balance... not sure.
Maker Shed, Special issue kit guide very interesting, they keep bringing making and simplicity to the masses. there are some great articles on how kits have been re appropriated and developed to meet another need. Very interesting.
Towards a Self-Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping Machine, EA Sells The bath REPRAP Ph.D., This is great, very interesting and insightful.

A great day with Arduino, an opensource electronics platform meant for hacking and prototyping. This is a great place to start making circuits and trying things. This is created for the maker. There are some great tutorials on-line. this is also accompanied well by Fritzing that will help you turn an maker object into a mass produced product. (Image care of Priti Veja)

Lots of developments, lots of thoughts and different directions. Need to formulate them for the moment.


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