Week 17

Open Design Now / druk 1: how design can no longer be exclusive  I have been going back through this
there are some great value sets, points of view, projects. This is very well edited and a very good text book for open design.
Design for Context: Understanding How User Context is Evolving an interesting paper from Fjord the service design company. This is an interesting view as we are moving into a more service based community with product it is important to bear this in mind.
Anyone designing anything, Philip Pacey.
An interesting movement, this is happening! but the early predictions from 1992 based out by Pacey are moving quickly. Also that the domain for making has changed just from things in the home...
Mainly been searching for new reading within the field.

Lots of discussion with fellow project members on a horizon project 'the artefact cafe', this is moving forward quickly. Lots of sorting with libraries and spaces.

Good meeting with supervisor, always makes me think. Also deciding the focus of the next investigations. There are always more questions:
- Is crowd sourcing to over-rated?
- Who is the target users for Open Design?
- ... Technology should not be the driving force for Open Design... or should it?


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