Week 18

Andrew Keen, the cult of the amateur This is one of the only things so far that I have found that is anti-open design. I am sure that there must be more, so these are not naive comments but in it he discredits the amateur journalist, fine but it is all in context of use, he describes open source as 'an amateur with surgeons tools doing surgery with just a pep talk'... umm interesting points, but do not agree.

had a great trip to Horizon in Nottingham to discuss a project ' the artefact cafe' very interesting and will update more when I can. This is going to be some of the initial work that is shaping my PhD.

There is allot in Hacking spaces, they are quite hard to access for the layman. There are also issues of Craft that are interesting, not in the the conventional sense, but the idea of making an object to a level that is above and beyond what it needs to be... taking pride in construction. There are many examples of what I have found but here are some of my favourite.
Open prosthetics
100k garages

Fair phone
Roomba vacuum cleaner
Open source ecology one of the best examples that I have found of Open Design.
Ikea hacker
Ronen kadushin


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