From Design fiction to experiential futures, Noah Raford
The role of product design, Rachel Cooper
Norman Potter, What is a designer? always a classic and a total favourite of mine, trust me this is great with fantastic definitions and detail.
The new meaning of product design, Clive Roux

I have had my first paper accepted to the "Crafting the Future" conference in Gothemburg. If some of you are coming along then let me know it would be great to meet up and discuss open design, the complications and the positives. I have also been working on a paper for the HCI conference in Vegas coming up next year. These take allot of work so sorry that the blog post recently have been a bit thin. We at the Artefact cafe are also writing up the workshops and report that we have been working on for a while now.

I have been working on the next stages looking at how I can collaborate with mixed industry partners, I will let you know more as and when I can.

I am always asked about 3D printing, I will be honest think of it as a clever pen. It is a tool that should be used for the right reasons. The exciting factors about it are; Design freedom, design responding to niches and bespoke requirements, distribution based services. But when you start using it... which one should take priority, which design value do you design around... my answer? The user and viability.


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