With the artefact cafe we ran a workshop at the co-innovate event, Brunel. A number of businesses turned up and we were looking at where they would engage with users in their design process if they have the systems, capability and the time to encourage these activities. There was a great turnout with some positive outcomes. On the whole one of the main points that took allot of discussion was;

- What would you give back to users participating in your design process?
- What are the issues of IP, and who owns what?
- When is an open approach better than a closed one?

All good points if co-design becomes more common place, but you always have to ask is it the right tool?

I have been working on several papers, which in due course I will be able to release.

a new dawn for citizen science, Jonathan Silvertown
Citizen science; Developing tool for expanding science knowledge and scientific literacy, Rick Bonney
Models of community science; design lessons from the field, Wilderman
Designing for Doubt, Eric Paulos


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