I was kindly invited by Enabled by Design to talk at their "Design-athon" last week. This was a great couple of days that brought together through Open Ideo, Sugru, Futuregov, Ravensbourne and government 3D printing funders. There were great speakers that I was honoured to talk after including Tom Hulme founder of Open Ideo and Design Director there. The talks covered a wide variety of design giving people a wider knowledge of design. The attendees were then split into groups with designers, facilitators all focused around a specific need or requirement.

My slides that I presented are here

Photos are from the flickr group (link here) care of; Murtz Abidi, Matt Dexter and Michelle Douglas.

There was a wide variety of design approaches from redesign through to completely new concepts, I could not stay for the whole 48 hours so please check here for all of the details and results of the days. There was an amazing atmosphere with well organised themes to focus participants, with people using empathy tools and a wide variety of insightful tools. There had been allot of thought about the detail of the day but in the main it was about grouping mixed discipline groups with a specific user and access to workshop facilities. A great Day Thanks for the hospitality!

Innovating for people, Handbook of Human Centred Design
A really interesting approach to methodologies and engagement  this is worth a look if you like research methods and trying different things, simple, well put together and very useful.


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