Looking further

This week has been a doing week, loads of C# and working with the UP rapid prototyping machine that we now have. This is a great piece of kit, it is still only a clever useful tool but there are limitations. We were achieving builds of 1.5mm wall thickness that was great, the support material was fine. Within that they were able to take threaded inserts and function well. There are now a series of making workshops under way to investigate things, there is also a series of graphics and info graphics that I have been putting together to show where I am coming from, I will be able to share these in due course. There will be more reading links next week, been full on.

What I am looking for now:-
- Collaborators
- Citizen science leaders 
- Collaborators in social innovation
- possible global contributors

if you are or know any of the above then please drop me an email, would be great to talk. Thanks again making community!


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