Searching week

I have been battling through Alan Irwin Citizen science, this is the core reading but heavy. There seems to be allot but I am wading through, if there are other good people that you come across please share them with me.
Home Beyond Home; Dwelling with threshold devices, Michael & Gaver
looking at deployment of devices in the home.. great reading.
Enhancing ubiquitous computing with user interpretation: field testing the home health horoscope
Great insights into deployment of interactions within the home.
Craft in an age of change, Crafts Council
Great piece of statistical research on making and craft spaces, good for statistics. this is insightful about making, this is more craft based, but that's what the crafts council is about.
Weather Watchers: Domestic Weather Observation as a Narrative Framework for a Practice-Based Design Research Project
Very insightful project looking at compelled and expert users. This is a great piece of research, well documented and very interesting (inspirational). This is really interesting for anyone looking at design process, formulation of information and designing with people.

I have been checking out Pachube an amazing global resource that has been opened up. I have been wading through tutorials for linking wireless sensors with Xbee modules, this is easier for Arduino as there is so much more source code about. It means that it is easier access. Planning workshops for Artefact Cafe, which has been running well. I have also been preparing for future everything and the day workshop that we are running in Manchester. Should be fun! There is lots of planning for Made in Brunel which I would put in your diary (14th-17th June) come and have a chat, see what we have been up to.

It has been definitely one of those weeks setting up meetings.

Good websites of the week some great makes, Arduino citizen science group publications interactive conference I could not make it to good speakers at Develop3D live.


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