Week 21

The value of values: Resourcing co-design of ubiquitous computing
value of things, this is very interesting as it talks not about the value of objects but the values that are created in objects. Designers I suppose would call the affordances but that is not it either, this is about objects that people keep long after there function has been negated... interesting.

Enhancing ubiquitous computing with user interpretation: field testing the home health horoscope
social, trust, user home not spying, how technology is built into and engaging with the home.
something that is very interesting.

Lessons for the future: Experiences with the installation and use of today's domestic sensors and technologies
bit more of the same, often people felt like big brother on the study but that is also interesting.

So far I have had a great response to probes at about 50% coming back, this is pretty good going. There is always the down sides in this process as people have lives and if you paid them then maybe they would be able to do it. It is amazing I reckon each person has probably given me about an hour of their time. I am keeping some of the best insights to put a paper together, this will follow in due course.

artefact cafe workshop design, this is an ongoing project. very interesting and will be able to share more when I can. I had a visit Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) at Sussex University, which was very interesting. It highlights the differences in approach, design can be a quick process, where as science can be a very laboured intense period... very different but interesting animals.
Been writing literature review... do this as soon as possible!


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