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The digital design process, (furniture industry) new dialogue between designers, users and producers,
Mario Pinto Barros This is an abstract (attached) as the paper needed to be required from the writer.
interesting commentaries on the matrices defined by designers and producers. an interesting take on how the furniture industry is looking at this field.
The rise of personal fabrication, Catrina Mota
This is a great read, very well put together and well written. This has a great deal of references that open up different areas. I would say that it is more of an overview of what is happening, that is a good thing.
Prototype driven projects: lowering the threshold to innovation & enabling critical design, Stefania Passera
Commenting on the needs of prototyping within the design process. Good example around social innovation.
Rise of the amateur: DIY projects, communities and cultures, Stacey Kuznetsov & Eric Pavious (sorry no link)
this is a good insight into the motivations of the DIY movement. This is also one of the few things that I have found about amateurs.
Designing open ended interpretations for collaborating design exploration, Tuuli Mattelmaki good case studies of co-design, interesting research with Senior life expo finland 2008.
Applying probes: from inspirational notes to collaborative insights, Tuuli Mattelmaki
one of the few referances for the application and analysis of probes, this is well written and worth a look if you are looking into probes as a design process.

Went to the Citizen Cyber Science summit, very interesting and insightful. UCL have got a really interesting group that they are setting up ExCites which is very interesting. Definiteley a group to watch. there were some great speakers but the most interesting was Simon Tokumin and

Always on the lookput for Gadgeteer projects and what people are up to with it. Things are developing well, probes abstract written so will let you know if it gets accepted to conferences. Lots of work on artefact cafe developing well and look forward to when I will be able tell you more.


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