RCA 2011

MA Design show

The RCA show (South Kensington) open until the 3rd of July 2011 (Closed 1st of July) is a great place for inspiration and innovation. This year it out did its self, there has previously been much speculation over the venue and how they curate the show. This year many departments combined to make a more open approach and collaboration.

Some of the projects that stood out. Markus Kayser’s Solar Sintering using the heat of the sun to create a rapid prototyping machine was a great comment on manufacture and production.  The video is stunning!  For furniture a beautiful material development of laminating balsa with veneer to make furniture that was less than 1kg a very interesting direction and thought process by ki-hyun Kim. Leisure boat Max Frommeld had a nice intervention with sheet HDPE a really simple well detailed water craft that works by simple folding.

Finally James Tooze addressing the needs of open source shoe manufacture with great consideration to consumer society, issues of sustainability within personalisation. If you are in London around the area of South Kensington or the Battersea area for fine art, go the RCA show, one of the hubs for creativity, development, fresh thinking, young talent and the future of the design discipline.


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