Made In Brunel 2011

Design show of world-class excellence

This year from 9 -12 June Bargehouse, SE1, housed one of the best design shows of the year. Made in Brunel, previously housed in the Business Design Centre (Islington) within new designers, went solo. The show itself was well curated with work from graduates on BA, BSc and MA courses from the School of Engineering and Design. 

The nature of the show matched the rustic space with clean work, good communication and the space for a Pecha Kutcha presentation space. This communicated design excellence on every level including future brand concepts for Aga, Bic, Converse, Foursquare, Hasbro, TATA, M&S and Wrangler. The work was insightful and well-detailed; one piece of work caught my attention: the work of Dave Anderson, a Design engineering BSc Student. The project was a motion control rig for SLR Cameras 

The work was of a world-class nature and really set the bar for the up and coming New Designers show, to be held in Islington from 6-9 of July… Roll on next years show: I am sure that it will be awesome.


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