Preparing Mini Maker Faire Brighton

Me and Dan Lockton are taking part in the Mini Maker Faire in Brighton next weekend, we will be running mini workshops looking at how people create instructions. Learning from this then thinking about how to help improve the uptake of peoples projects by simple guidelines for this process within open design. We will of course open this discussion up to you all.

Bee design book
Thanks for all of the support that I have received, there has been so much interest in the project which is great. Thank you!!! There are still some tickets left for the hackday here.

London Design week (September 2012)

- Have something you want to clip on to your bike?
- Want to play with 3D printing?
- Bring a thing and your bike and work with us to design and 3D print something to clip it on.

During London Design Week we are running 4 free mini workshops on the 19th & 20th of September, 10am to 1pm & 2.30 to 5.30. Parts will be printed during the workshop but if time runs out we’ll get them to you.


Clip It On – are 4 fun mini workshops that Artefact Cafe will be running at Look Mum No Hands over 2 days during London Design Week. Uniting keen cyclists, self motivated design and making with desktop 3D printing technology. The workshop will focus on fabricating 3D printed parts that enable items such as lights, cameras, phones, tools and anything else to be mounted on to the frame of a bike. Suprise us with what you bring!

Each of the mini workshops will run over 3 hours, we will consult with participants to design & customise 3D parts and then fabricate onsite using 2 desktop printers. Some parts might not be printed during the workshop but we will aim to get them to participants either on the day or very soon after.

We look forward to seeing you there!

We only have space for 4 participants for each workshop but if you don’t get a space come down and have a coffee, check it out and have a chat.


Rowan Stanfield said...

If anyone is interested in coming to Brighton Mini Maker Faire, details can be found at:

James Lamb said...

Hey Rob - sounds fun. Are you at the shop on 21st September? If so will pop in and buy you a coffee, or something fizzy!

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