Design probes, tips and help

Help please
I am still looking for beekeeping participants please see bellow.

after having done several design probes there are some simple tips
This is key, make sure that you weigh and sort the pack so that the cost is reduced. Remember that you will have to put an SAE in the pack so the cost goes up, or is there another collection access point. Think about the receiver, you do not want them going to the post office to pick it up because it would not fit through the door, all of these mini points are critical as they mount up to the input time that people put in.
I use Printed books as they include as many people as possible, you could develop an app but then you are excluding people without that piece of tech. You have to think about what you are analysing.
Think about the quality of the items, how they are received. It makes a huge difference, if you do not care about how it is put together how do you expect someone else to?
Use the easiest method to make them, be a designer, think of how you can do this quickly as otherwise it will soon take up a tremendous amount of time, also think about how you are going to analyse them before you design them, do they need to be compatible?

Preparing for the honey flow that has hit very quickly with supers filling all over the place. Rather than preparing the whole of the frame with foundation some keepers only use the top 5mm as a start and let the bees do the rest.

Sometimes you can start a top bar off, this is trialling a method of taping some natural comb then in 6 days removing the tape. you always have to try things in bee keeping.

well, there is always time for tea!


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