The boy that harnessed the wind This is truly inspirational, this is an account of a young man making and providing for his community, well worth a read. This I suppose is the most grass roots design meeting need that I have seen for a while. It is simple but fantastic and now William Kamkwamba is a TED fellow.

I had a really positive response from Digital Shoreditch. I was due to give a talk (download here) but it turned into a table top presentation and people taking part in a discussion about sensing, what they would sense, how this could an would impact and what is open design ie points of entry. Assembling presentations for corporate collaborators, this has been something that I would love to share with you if it happens the way that I want it to. There was a good crowd of mixed people all with the same goals.

We have been vigorously preparing for Made in Brunel  where we will be running design workshops throughout the whole time, if you want to take part and see what we are up to then come along! I have also been preparing a second probe that will go out soon, there is quite allot to write up from things that I have been doing and also things to publish, which is nice. Bellow, how I seem to be spending my Sundays at the moment... not a bad time, it is becoming increasingly interesting and engaging.

Introducing some queen cells, was the order of the day. There was some good fun had with some Xbee modules that we are getting working, so far many people have said series 1 or series 2. they have different capabilities, the main thing is finding the source code and details on them, thanks Karl! best book (here) that we have found on this, it talks about software patches and has some great links.

I had a supervision, this is when you get together with you supervisor ie tutorial. good, all went well. The best chat of the week was with Ariel Waldman, she is an inspiration and very diverse. she has just written a really interesting article on citizen science that you should check out on her site (link on her name). I am still looking for good citizen science journals if you know of any please get in touch.


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