Working with disease

There has been some really interesting developments in searching for disease within hives, I was included in a day reviewing and examining. This was quite an honour. Even though kits etc were prepared nothing was found.

Inspecting the larvae.

 Finding the queen (blue sticker) many different keepers mark their queen for ease of quick spotting as it is important to see how the hive is doing... or not doing.

 gathering for analysis
The best Ikea hack that I have seen, turning a bin into a skep, one of the oldest forms of hive. Really simple and great for natural comb.

The key to bee keeping, records. There has also been allot of preparation for Artefact cafe and Made in Brunel, if you are about then please come along and have a chat! it would be great to speak to you, come and get involved in some of our design workshops. Please see bellow the flyer, you can download it here for email or forwarding. Please come along and get involved!

Marcel Mauss "the gift" an interesting insight into the motivations of what we need for what return. This is a critical insight into open design as we continuously need to understand that motivation for doing it.


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