Week 11 (conference)

Empathizing with the future: Creating next-next Generation Products & Services, Martyn Evans, Lancaster University. The design Journal. sorry the links do not go to the paper as this is pay for download material.
Craft as a form of mindful inquiry, Louise Valentine, University of Dundee. Interesting views on the development of Craft, more and more there is a space between craft and hacking that is interesting.
Open Sourcery, when Hacker Culture Informs the Design Studio, Patrick Harrop. Interesting discussion about how hacking will develop the way that we engage with spaces for a positive change.

Sent some of the probes out, they are going to people with second skills, so far looking at WI (women's institute), bee keepers, allotment holders, bushcraft instructors and thinking about how they would use technology.  I am interested in broad groups and varied interests to define 'making'.
Had a week at http://fields.ace.ed.ac.uk/deworkshops/ digital hands conference 2011 there were some great interaction projects. Within what I am looking at it seems that more and more people/hackers etc are writing a manifesto or defining a set of values that they are tying their work to. This is an edit that I am sure will update, change and evolve allot.

- Everything that I make must use open tools and be up loadable, downloadable and designed to be remade, re-engineered and be financially viable. Using Digital manufacture locally sourced materials, hacked products or off the shelf components that are readily available.
- The target user base must be engaged with throughout the process and inform decision making and direction and inform a deployment period that optimises and furthers the direction.
- I am interested in the amateur as they have key insights as they often lead double lives, these groups will also inform and learn from the professionals. This direction might need revisiting so that it does not have detrimental effects on the outcome.
- The objects must have the least amount of obsolescence; they must be repairable, editable and durable for the intended environment.
- The proposals will have implications nationally but also consider the international.
- Creative commons needs to be considered within the process’s developments and outcomes of the proposals.
- The freedom and duration of the project needs to be consolidated within the confines of the everyday and what is achievable in the current times.
- There must be an element of education considered so the participants are learning from the experience.

It was really good to meet the Culture Lab Newcastle I think there might be some interesting developments with them and my PhD. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Futureeverything a company that has very interesting approaches to the development of social innovation. Always good to talk to Brendan Walker who is also working on some interesting things, Watch out for him.


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