Week 7 (meeting people)

I have been reading around probe tools and their analysis. Here are some of the best papers that I have found. Cultural Probes and the value of uncertainty, the original Gaver project instigating probes with ethnography.

Probing the Probes: Domestic probes and the design process, interesting and insightful with good arguments for and against using this process also sighting areas where these are referred to as speed ethnography. It must be remembered that ‘Cultural probes are objects or artefact's that are purposefully designed to provoke, reveal and capture the motivational forces that shape an individual and his or home life’
How HCI Interprets probes, CHI 2007. Two legs, Thing using and talking: the origins of the creative engineering mind, Professor F.T Evans, interesting and insightful read into the motivation of making.
Bruce Sterling, shaping things, an interesting point of view on how we make things and who has the responsibilities over the waste and detail.

Ran a design test workshop for the artefact cafĂ© project at Brunel.  
Met some nice friendly bee keepers of Lewes, this is an interesting area as the people of these groups often have double lives, for example a bank manager and a bee keeper, they have practical application and skills but might lack the skill of digital manufacture. Sorting all the details for next week’s 3d printing event in Eindhoven.

A good chat with Matt Dexter a fellow PhD student in the area of open design. Had a good chat with James tooze a designer maker fresh from the RCA design products course and about running design workshops together. Starting to think about how to run certain design workshops late in the year. 


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