Catching up // Review

I have been catching up on writing, sometimes you have to. I have also been going over the results of the previous workshops, as soon as I can make these public I will. There have been many email debates out of the workshops including;
- What is open design & when is a project better open than it is closed?
- How is IP going to work with open design?
- Who owns a project or concept when involving open design?
- Who will embrace open design?
- Who cares?
There are so many more but these are the interesting ones, if you want to discuss please add to comments at bottom of blog.

Fabbers, Dabblers and Microstars, Justin McGuirk
A future of Making things, Cheryl Chung
Using citizen science beyond teaching science content; a stratergy for making science relevant to students lives, Lynda Jenkins
Citizen monitoring of aquatic populations using Florida lake, Mark V Hoyer, John Winn
Community based monitoring in support of local sustainability, Rebecca M. Pollock
The open society and its fallacies, Will Moore Kendall
The role of the internet social networks in the collection of bee biodiversity data, Richard Stafford

Putting several things into papers and preparing for a few conferences.


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