Tasting and Preparing

It was a great honour to be invited to run a mini design workshop station at the Honey Clubs tasting this week. There was an amazing variety of flavours from all over London. There were also beekeeping intiatives there like bee collective, The London Beekeepers association and the Bee farmers association. It was fantastic because they had members of their Kings Cross community come and introduce people, this included mini speeches, poems and rapping. It was great to see a community so engaged. I ran a small design exercise to get people talking and engage the visitors. There were amazing honey lollies made by their resident chef and a great deal of good conversation and tips from beekeepers of all walks of life.

Mini Maker Faire
I have been going through the results form last weeks maker faire with Dan Lockton, when we have catalogued them I will let you know the insights, please bear with us as we want to publish them if they are exciting enough... which we think they are.

Artefact Cafe
We have been preparing for the "clip it on" workshop at look mum no hands that is happening this week during the London Design Festival. If you have not signed up then please sign up here and come along.
It has been a bit busy, so I will add reading lists again from next week.


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