Presented a poster at horizon digital economy during the week which was good. it is always great to talk to as many people as possible with what you are thinking about. We also presented a poster on the Artefact cafe and UIC projects.

We had a team effort for future everything running workshops, based on the themes, what would you sense in your environment? There was also a publication, The trust of a maker and making to trust PG 35. Downloadable Version. This was a good opportunity to welcome people to the conversation, if you want to have a read and chat then please drop me a line. trust in making is an interesting issue when you look at open design. The visual questionnaire that was filled in was bellow. There was a series of stickers to engage people with thinking about how they would use their own senses as sensors, trying to break down that barrier that people need knowledge to be able to do something like this. This was a great public engagement exercise and great to see how things were perceived. There was some great feedback!

Some great contacts were made that I will let you know what comes of it. There was some great comments that I will share what I can, but I think that I am going to publish the findings, if there are any good open academic journals that you have seen then let me know. It was an honour to have Massimo Menichinelli turn up and take part in my workshop, thanks! openp2pdesign is a fantastic organisation for open design. The venue was the Victoria Baths in Manchester, one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever worked in, good just for a visit, a shame that it is not a baths any more... would have been amazing!

I have still been picking through Ethnography principles in practice it is a good read, very interesting! also allot about the basis that you need to take things forward.

I had a really good tutorial with Professor Tom Rodden at Nottingham, lead in HCI always a good discussion.


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