lots of this for a paper that is coming up. There has also been quite allot for the literature review. We have also had an abstract accepted for a conference in Lancaster.

Interesting interview with members from the environment agency, they are interested in water and wider issues. They are doing allot of things that are looking into the translation of climate change to the public, very interesting... but there is allot to get distracted by.

There has been allot of planning for Future Everything that we will be running a workshop at. If any of you are coming let me know, would be interested to talk. There has been progress in the development of tasks and asking the questions, what would people make if they had the tools? This is a hard question to answer as... it is massive! I am interested in how people would use and create sensors... There are some initial sketch/postcard/ probes that you can have a look at bellow, or download the PDF. Workshops and instigators are important as they can really inform the direction of a project.
I have been looking at creating IP housings with RP and doing it cheap. There are experiments going on, working and developing. I am still looking for a bee expert, that wants to chat.


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